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Abba Office Project and Office Furniture

Construction, project, decoration, office project works, office furniture, office chairs, sofa, counter manufacturing, application sales and marketing.

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Our Activity Areas

Abba has been in the industry for years. It produces solutions for your construction and offices with its knowledge, experience and innovative approaches. He works with his professional team and prepares office decoration designs. It makes you reach your dreams with office projects.

Office Decoration

Construction works, construction projects, projecting, office decoration, renovation, repair, design and all decoration works are among our most important areas. You can see your construction or office designs in advance with 3d modeling.

Office Projects

We make great designs, graphics and models for your offices. Project planning and applications are shaped according to your request. You can see your office designs with 3d modeling in office decoration.

Office furnitures

Modern and classic office furniture for your offices, office rooms, office partitions, executive and study rooms, office rooms, collective work areas, meeting rooms, counter, waiting rooms, executive chairs, waiting chairs ...

Office Chairs

In our store, you can find all the office chairs, executive, chef, waiting, study chairs, computer chairs, guest chairs, sofas, chairs and stools on our website.

Modoko Office Furniture

We are trying to provide the best service to our customers and architects as Abba Office Project and Furniture with new concept products in our 1200 m2 store in Modoko Furniture.

Reception Desks

You can find wonderful counters and reception furniture for your offices and offices that you can use in customer greetings and impress your customers on our website..

Would you like to take a look at the projects we have done?

Office Decoration Samples

How do we do it?

1. Planning

2. Pricing

3. Design

4. Production

5. Assembly

About Us

Abba Furniture It is our quality policy to make aesthetic designs in accordance with customer expectations and human ergonomics, to present these designs to customers, to realize office chair, office furniture and office decoration projects and designs in accordance with customer expectations, to increase the product quality in line with quality management principles and to ensure customer satisfaction at the highest level.

Construction, Project, Decoration100%
Office Furniture Production and Sales 70%
20% Complete
Design and Applications 90%